Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ahhh, the big day of LOVE. For years, being single on this day was depressing, but strangely enough, this year was amazing. Not because I have a boyfriend, I don't. Not because I received a lot of cards, I didn't. No... not because of any of the clich├ęd reasons that are supposed to make Valentine's Day special. What made it special was that I chose to make cards for my friends and to say just how much I love them. I chose to not think of love between a man and a woman, because I wasn't experiencing that. Instead, I chose to think of the love I had for my friends, who mean oh so much for me. I gave, instead of expecting to receive, and that was enough to make my Valentine's Day a joyful one.
Well, that wasn't the only thing that made it amazing. I suppose the Valentine's Dinner I made for my friends two days before helped my feelings towards the 14th of February. Or maybe it was the fact that I was given roses and chocolate from two close guy friends. Or.... maybe, just maybe it was the fact that I went on a date with my best guy friend, Andy! (Glad i deg, Heartbreaker!)For all my readers, no, it was not a romantic date, but rather a (friend)date between two really good friends who care about each other and just want to spend that day celebrating something other then the great Amor. What better way to celebrate the Day of Love, then it celebrate the love between friends? I know, amazing.
So, all in all... I would have to say that the 4 days surrounding Valentine's Day were some of the best! This year, though I am single, and probably will be for a while (haha.), I went on a date, got roses and chocolate and Hugs(!). Best Valentine's Day I have ever celebrated.

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