Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guitar Lessons

I used to always look upon musicians with envy, wishing that was me playing the instrument. I wanted to be able to touch a soundless, inanimate object and bring it to life. I wanted to be the person who simply moved their fingers and created a harmony, a melody, a sound of beauty.
I always said to myself, "One day... one day, that will be me." I had this strange desire to be one of those people who were so effortlessly cool, just by playing an instrument. The only problem I had was... well, motivation and opportunity. I have never had the skill to actually sit down and teach myself, nor did I bother to pay for over-priced lessons.
Then one day, I came up with the brilliant idea to learn the guitar as part of my creative community service. I then jumped my friend with the proposal to teach me and guess what! He said yes! Haha. Oh Glorious Day!
I have now had two official lessons and its amazing! I don't actually let on how much i love it, but just knowing that I am actually on my way to being able to make beautiful music is enough to make me jump up and shout, YIPPEE! Hahaha. Well, I'm off to become perfect my awesome guitar skills :) Over and Out.

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