Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today has been a good day. After waking up at 8 o' clock this morning, i looked out the window to see the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. Although, i had to take two buses to get home, in order to watch my younger siblings, i was in a strangely good mood. I got home only to find out that i actually didnt need to be there and plans had changed, but i wouldnt let that ruin my day. I decided that i would take a walk with my little brother and sister to the shops and library and just have a nice time. The library didnt open until 12 o' clock so we had to wait a bit anyway. My little brother went outside to play, while i did some things around the house. My little baby sis was fussing and i knew she wasnt feeling to well, so i fed her some apple slice and then decided to give her a nice little bath. She was just so cute splashing around in the water and after i put some lotion on her and rubbed her back. After the warm bath and nice back rub, she began to quiet down a bit, so i took her to the living room and warmed a bottle of milk for her. Then i laid back on the sofa with her on my stomach and fed her the milk. After a few minutes, she silently slipped off into a peaceful slumber, right there in my arms. Best feeling in the world. I fell asleep soon after and there we were, sister and sister sleeping. I couldnt help but think to myself, "I hope one i get to experience what it is to be a mother..." The rest of the day got better. My dad came home with two new books he had bought for me and then we went to the shops and walked around together. A day of relaxation and contentment =)