Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dreamin' with my eyes wide-open

Early Saturday morning and I'm sitting here alone in the living room. It's the first day of Winter Vacation and tonight the girls are coming over for a Girl's Night! Whoo hoo. It seems as if everything insane is happening right now. For the past two weeks it has been snowing... and snowing... and snowing... Oh! And did I mention that it has been snowing? Even looking out the window right now all I see is gray skies and guess what is falling from it? That's right. Snow. Not only has it been snowing for the past two weeks, but I have been like, half-way sick too. For TWO weeks!
There is one thing that is keeping my spirits up though... *anticipation building* I'm probably going to the USA this summer! I'm going home, baby! I have gotten a job, (albeit not the best one, but a job none the less) and will definitely be making enough to buy a ticket to my homeland. Insane-ity, right? I was looking at plane ticket prices just yesterday and I almost threw my computer at the wall in excitement. You know why? Because it was just so cheap and I can pay that amount! I was almost crying on the bus home thinking about seeing my family again. Thinking about those sandy beaches of Florida, being extremely tan again (like I used to be 365 days of the year when I lived there), walking through Target, eating Tacobell, and an ENGLISH speaking country (no need for Norwegian! hahaha). I was thinking about cheap clothes and sunny days, flip flops, learning to drive, drinking Starbucks, buying books... the list goes on and on!

I never cried or felt this huge longing for home when I first came to Norway. For a long time, Florida was just another place and Norway my new home. I was (and still am) very happy here, but now its been almost 4 years and with one plane ticket dangling in my face, the home-sickness is beginning to over take me. I'm, literally, almost crying every time I think about it.
Baby, I'm seriously dreaming with my eyes wide-open and this is one dream that might just come true.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ahhh, the big day of LOVE. For years, being single on this day was depressing, but strangely enough, this year was amazing. Not because I have a boyfriend, I don't. Not because I received a lot of cards, I didn't. No... not because of any of the clich├ęd reasons that are supposed to make Valentine's Day special. What made it special was that I chose to make cards for my friends and to say just how much I love them. I chose to not think of love between a man and a woman, because I wasn't experiencing that. Instead, I chose to think of the love I had for my friends, who mean oh so much for me. I gave, instead of expecting to receive, and that was enough to make my Valentine's Day a joyful one.
Well, that wasn't the only thing that made it amazing. I suppose the Valentine's Dinner I made for my friends two days before helped my feelings towards the 14th of February. Or maybe it was the fact that I was given roses and chocolate from two close guy friends. Or.... maybe, just maybe it was the fact that I went on a date with my best guy friend, Andy! (Glad i deg, Heartbreaker!)For all my readers, no, it was not a romantic date, but rather a (friend)date between two really good friends who care about each other and just want to spend that day celebrating something other then the great Amor. What better way to celebrate the Day of Love, then it celebrate the love between friends? I know, amazing.
So, all in all... I would have to say that the 4 days surrounding Valentine's Day were some of the best! This year, though I am single, and probably will be for a while (haha.), I went on a date, got roses and chocolate and Hugs(!). Best Valentine's Day I have ever celebrated.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guitar Lessons

I used to always look upon musicians with envy, wishing that was me playing the instrument. I wanted to be able to touch a soundless, inanimate object and bring it to life. I wanted to be the person who simply moved their fingers and created a harmony, a melody, a sound of beauty.
I always said to myself, "One day... one day, that will be me." I had this strange desire to be one of those people who were so effortlessly cool, just by playing an instrument. The only problem I had was... well, motivation and opportunity. I have never had the skill to actually sit down and teach myself, nor did I bother to pay for over-priced lessons.
Then one day, I came up with the brilliant idea to learn the guitar as part of my creative community service. I then jumped my friend with the proposal to teach me and guess what! He said yes! Haha. Oh Glorious Day!
I have now had two official lessons and its amazing! I don't actually let on how much i love it, but just knowing that I am actually on my way to being able to make beautiful music is enough to make me jump up and shout, YIPPEE! Hahaha. Well, I'm off to become perfect my awesome guitar skills :) Over and Out.