Thursday, December 17, 2009

BFF's =)

solveig!!! my straight friend that would make out with Megan Fox! you are such a little sucker for skipping three days of school to skip a math test! you are awesome!!! either way, solveig is like the best person ever in my class! she cracks me up.. we are like soul sisters!
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista !!!
MWAAA!!! hugs to you my friend!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


ok, i must admit.... i love shopping. the other day i had to go to a "julebord" or a christmas party as we in english call it. it was super fun. but! back to the point, i was out all day before the party, with my friends because we were looking for gifts for friends and family. it was getting really late and i realized that i wouldnt have time to go home and change and still get to the party on i did something i have never done before... i splurged on a whole outfit and changed in the trying room... haha! but the best part was that the party outfit was sooo cute!! i bought a blue party dress, black satin stilettos, a cropped sequined black jacket... and the funniest part.... black thigh-high stockings, with sticky bits so they would stay up. i was cracking up hahaha... who said you cant be sexy underneath it all???? but i just encourage you all... enjoy this holiday season and buy buy buy =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

i had the weirdest dream last night!! me and you were in my old room in america... and i was looking out the window and i was like "woh!! look at the moon jasmine!" and it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then we realized it was a huge meteor and it hit like right in my neighborhood but we didnt die... and then we were all in spaceships in the sky... not in space... but in the sky... and i could fly... but no one knew that except me and you... and we were put in different space ships and i was like nu uh.. dont they dare seperate us so i flew to yours trying not to let anyone see that i was flying.. and it worked and in your spaceship was you and your family and some random people and we figured that the world was ending. but then we figured out that the earth was going around all the planets and moving to fit closer to the sun and i was like "aw man it will be hotter everyday then" (hahaha) and we could see all the colorful planets moving past us... like the earth was alive and it was going where it wanted to. hahaa. and we were just watching the view and it was really awesome... and from all that... it made me feel like God was saying how we will be friends for a looong time. and it was so cool because i never remember my dreams for more than a few hours... unless i write it down... but this one i still remember really clearly after a couple of days. it was a reeeeaaallly cool dream. so i just felt like you had the right to know... since you were in it.. and i remembered it. hahahhaa. love you jassie rae!

- Gracie Toft

In Loving Memory...

Today, 11 years ago, my mother was murdered. she was shot in several places... by her ex boyfriend. so i just want to post this for her. because even though i was only 5 years old and have few memories... she was my mom and i loved her. so, mom, this is for you... you will always be remembered and all your kids miss you dearly. <3

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow... =)

so, despite my previous post a few minutes ago, my mind really isnt on that... haha... i just thought it would be nice to have something "deilig" to look at on my blooog =D well, back to the point.
OMG!!! its FREAKING SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!!!! and i must say... its GORGEOUS. this morning i went about my usual duties: egtting dressed, making lunch, eating breakfast, getting my school things and such... either way, i am just about to go out the door when my mother's voice drifts down the stairs, "did you see the snow outside?" SNOW?!?!?! i think to myself... i fling the front door open at the same time my brother runs to the glass doors, "NICE!... aw snow!" i begin my trekk through the downdrift of snow with a huge grin on my face. as i walk along i cant help but send a text to all my friends about this wonder =DDD its 7 o' clock in the morning and i am sending a text to all my friends... about snow... boy! was i going to get it when i got to school and such places. hahaha... but its beautiful, its a wonder and its the holidays... nothing was going to burst my bubble! hahahahaha!!! i can still see the text one friend sent back, " you little.... you woke me up for that???" hahahaha.... and all this day it has been snowing on and off.... just drifting down in wonderful icy layers.... *sigh* gotta love the seasons :) the best thing about it all is that the snow has stayed a lovely fluff and not turned into anything gross and slushy... oh the joy of the little joys =D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


its so sad... one of my best friends from class is leaving... she is switching schools and i am so freaking mad. >( she is part of the gang and once she is gone its like one of our legs is gone =( its half way through the year and yet she is still going to another school and as we all know once you go to another school and class you make new friends and lose the old... its sad, really sad...and Solveig is going to cry... she is so funny in her totally bubbly, blonde way =) she is so fun to be with she shouldnt be leaving... nope not all...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st December

so, its the first of december and amazingly enough, the weather changed drastically and weirdly accurately. i mean, who knew that the weather could go from rainy, wet cold to a biting, blue-skied cold... exactly on the change of month? i must say, though, its beautiful outside. i love the bright sun and seeing my breath. i love the Christmas lights strung along the roads and the Christmas tree decorations. its a beautiful day today and that got me thinking... life is beautiful... even in a season where everything dies, there is still a sense of beauty in it all. today, i received a sense of hope and happiness. i realized that i can have a good time just being with my friends and BEING a good friend. yes, it is lonely sometimes to be the ear and never be the talker, but that is the way God made me. God showed me how to help others and in doing that i learn how to turn to God for help. i also realized that i dont need a guy to keep me from being lonely. i have friends and family who love me and i have a God who loves me THAT much more. i am happy being alone... and yet not alone =) December.... New Year... Here i come =D