Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer '10

Wow... already this summer has started out in the most interesting of ways. First, I have spent the last couple of weeks with some of the most awesome of people, named, Victoria and Maria! They are just such great people and these past days have been an amazing experience. We have taken midnight boat trips, slept on little islands, went camping, had parties, sleepovers and cooking disasters. God has blessed me immensely and I cant thank him enough. And if that was a good enough start, one of my good guy friends, Engedal (thats his last name, dont laugh haha) and I have just had an absolutely hilarious conversation that, i believe, has only made us better friends. Long story short, me and a couple of my friends have thought he was into me and we saw all these signs that ended up being nothing and so it finally got so bad that I just had to ask him. SCARY, let me tell you! He pulls up into my driveway and my heart is beating faster and faster. GAAH!!! I couldnt believe I was ACTUALLY going to ask him if he was into me. I had never ever asked a guy that before! So, I asked. And we talked about what he said and we have come to a decision that we are just friends and that he isnt into me like that. :D Now, we cant help but crack up about it, but knowing that I could go to him and ask him something like that has just made me trust him even more. I know that I can talk to him and he will be honest. Oh Geez...another hilarious memory to add to our friendship! :P
Next week, I am doing the evangelizing week with my church and am soo excited to do the outside shows in town! Also, I will be driving to Sweden for one week with my friends for an awesome conferance with preachers from around the world. I know that will be a week with teachings from God and an experience I will never forget.Summer of 2010? I am so glad to meet you....