Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Oh! Happy Day!

HAHAHAHA! Ok, I had such a FAIL/LOL moment today at Laget. So, we always start Laget off with some worship and I feel that it is always such a fail-sad moment. Why do I think this??? OH, only because the kids sing with such pitiful, monotone voices to the God they say they LOVE. I mean, come on, really? The point I'm trying to get to here is that during the preaching today, I started getting this idea of putting some life in their life a little. I mean, NORWEGIANS ARE SO STIFF, unless they get drunk on the weekends are something... it's slightly pathetic. ANYWAY, so when the lady was done with her word, I jumped up and went to the front before Eivind could tell everyone goodbye. And I say, "Sooo, I just have a question for you guys. Do ya'll know the Start song? Something about yellow, black and some other stuff? Anyone?" I received a few mumbles in response. Some knew it and some didn't. There I am, trying to get them to sing it and they did an OK job of it. Finally, I have to explain what the point of this whole thing was. What was the point, you may ask. The point was to try to get these life-less kids to sing something and get them to be a little crazy. I told them that our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ is some to be excited about. So, what do I do next? I try to get them to sing the song, Oh, Happy Day. I start clapping and singing loudly in a not-so-good singing voice, but I don't give in! I have hope for these people! so we start singing it and it sounded like they were being dragged through mud to sing this. It failed totally. No matter what joke I made, or how funny I said something, they still wouldn't give me any more joy. Isn't that just sad? Are these the kind of warriors we have for Christ? Life-less, stiff, without-joy people? My ending line to them was, "Well, ok, I see we are going to have to work on this..." *sigh*

Friday, October 15, 2010


Funny how things end up happening, isn't it? Somehow I find myself meeting up at the gym every Wednesday for volleyball practice! I am actually part of the school volleyball team and somehow I didn't even realize it! One day I'm just having practice and then BAM! It hits me... I really am part of the team :) I absolutely love it! It's such a hilarious situation because there are only 4 girls and about 12 guys. Hahahahaha. The girls are really awesome because we are all friends, but whats even cooler are the guys! They are all so funny! All of them have this sense of humor and are joking around all the time. Not to mention that they are all MASTERS when it comes to the game. Most of them play with a club and are therefore amazing at playing. So, of course, me and the rest of the girls feel like crap around them. Haha. But it's good practice for us to play with people on a higher level. It causes us to step up our game a bit :P But, yes, well, for the first time, last Wednesday the other girls and myself felt that the guys FINALLY opened up to us. Man, it takes forever to get in with the Norwegians! Anyway, they were finally being helpful and trying to help us improve our skills. Plus, they were really engaged and were joking with us. I must say, I am really happy the guys (and girls) ended up being really kind. It only makes going to practice that much better! I'm really excited to see how things turn out :D Soon, we have some matches coming up so that should be interesting! <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Imagine late nights full of laughter and joy, smiles and happiness. Imagine making new memories with some of the coolest people. Imagine getting your friends kicked out of your house at 6 in the morning and singing way too loud, way too long into the night. But whats wrong with that?
How about hilarious waxing incidents with an amazing group of girls and talking about the future with a sigh of love... How about making homemade pizza with one of the most amazing guys, who just happens to be your best friend? Or jumping on the trampoline with him and your little siblings, showing off your back-flipping skills? Does staying up extremely late with two of your closest friends and talking about everything under the sun, sound amazing? What about a a giant sleepover with five other girls, where you laugh so hard you get six-packs and have the best of times imitating your guy friends? Who says you cant?
Think about days spent running through the rain to catch buses with your friends to spend a day at the mall. Days like those that you warm your hands on cups of warm cocoa and share music with your friend as you sit on the bus, looking out on the world as the sky washes it clean. Think about days at the mall doing crazy things like smelling way too many perfumes and trying on the ugliest, tightest outfit you can find and taking model shoots. Eating unhealthy food at McDonald's and having extremely random conversations about wanting to have sex before Jesus comes back. (HAHAHA)Think about days when you fight with your best friend for a piece of gum, try to tackle him, crash to the ground, only to have him crash into a store window, have him crack it and then running like crazy so you dont get caught. Or nights when you sleepover with an awesome girl and sleep waaay too long and almost miss the bus to work. Think about midnights when you crowd four people on one scooter and drive the roads to visit a friend, laughing the whole way. What about the the all-nighters you pull with your one best friend and one awesome girl, half asleep on the living room floor, punching each other while filming it and laughing for absolutely no other reason than just because you are glad to be with the ones you love... or maybe because you are over-tired and have a lack of sleep.
All i have to say is, these are the days, nights, memories and moments I will never forget. Thanks for making my fall vacation the best! GJENGEN!