Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Six Steps to Mr. Six Pack

So, yesterday i had my first conversation with Mr. McHottie as friends =D We had a really great time and it was a really big thing. And he really makes me happy =P So, i was telling my bff solveig about it and we were just having so much freaking fun out of it, cracking jokes and laughing like crazy about it. Anyway, one of the things we were joking about is that our, "plan" was working. And we decided that his code name is Six pack...hahahaha.... so here are our "joke" six steps to get YOUR six pack man =P
Step One:
Find the guy that really makes you smile and makes your heart sigh with happiness
Step Two:
Make an impression on him... along with this, you should have small chit chats and some teasing
Step Three:
Have a major conversation with him as friends
Step Four:
Start talking to him more... get to know him as a person and when you are close enough friends, invite him to do something...AS FRIENDS...just so you can find out more of what kind of person he is....
Step Five and Six:
Well.... i havent even gotten to step four i guess you're on your own there... =P but one last piece of advice... ENJOY him hahaha =P