Friday, October 15, 2010


Funny how things end up happening, isn't it? Somehow I find myself meeting up at the gym every Wednesday for volleyball practice! I am actually part of the school volleyball team and somehow I didn't even realize it! One day I'm just having practice and then BAM! It hits me... I really am part of the team :) I absolutely love it! It's such a hilarious situation because there are only 4 girls and about 12 guys. Hahahahaha. The girls are really awesome because we are all friends, but whats even cooler are the guys! They are all so funny! All of them have this sense of humor and are joking around all the time. Not to mention that they are all MASTERS when it comes to the game. Most of them play with a club and are therefore amazing at playing. So, of course, me and the rest of the girls feel like crap around them. Haha. But it's good practice for us to play with people on a higher level. It causes us to step up our game a bit :P But, yes, well, for the first time, last Wednesday the other girls and myself felt that the guys FINALLY opened up to us. Man, it takes forever to get in with the Norwegians! Anyway, they were finally being helpful and trying to help us improve our skills. Plus, they were really engaged and were joking with us. I must say, I am really happy the guys (and girls) ended up being really kind. It only makes going to practice that much better! I'm really excited to see how things turn out :D Soon, we have some matches coming up so that should be interesting! <3

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