Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh! Happy Day!

HAHAHAHA! Ok, I had such a FAIL/LOL moment today at Laget. So, we always start Laget off with some worship and I feel that it is always such a fail-sad moment. Why do I think this??? OH, only because the kids sing with such pitiful, monotone voices to the God they say they LOVE. I mean, come on, really? The point I'm trying to get to here is that during the preaching today, I started getting this idea of putting some life in their life a little. I mean, NORWEGIANS ARE SO STIFF, unless they get drunk on the weekends are something... it's slightly pathetic. ANYWAY, so when the lady was done with her word, I jumped up and went to the front before Eivind could tell everyone goodbye. And I say, "Sooo, I just have a question for you guys. Do ya'll know the Start song? Something about yellow, black and some other stuff? Anyone?" I received a few mumbles in response. Some knew it and some didn't. There I am, trying to get them to sing it and they did an OK job of it. Finally, I have to explain what the point of this whole thing was. What was the point, you may ask. The point was to try to get these life-less kids to sing something and get them to be a little crazy. I told them that our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ is some to be excited about. So, what do I do next? I try to get them to sing the song, Oh, Happy Day. I start clapping and singing loudly in a not-so-good singing voice, but I don't give in! I have hope for these people! so we start singing it and it sounded like they were being dragged through mud to sing this. It failed totally. No matter what joke I made, or how funny I said something, they still wouldn't give me any more joy. Isn't that just sad? Are these the kind of warriors we have for Christ? Life-less, stiff, without-joy people? My ending line to them was, "Well, ok, I see we are going to have to work on this..." *sigh*

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  1. HAahahaa! JAsmine er min helt !! : ] love and miss u gurl! haha,, FAIL moment vertfall!